So you are thinking about hosing a Scratch Day event!?!  Well, in order to host a Scratch Day event, it is important to plan out your idea for success.  Below are recommended steps to follow when planning and preparing your event.  (Scratch Day Planning Checklist)

  1. Determine the goal. Think about what you hope to accomplish at your Scratch Day event.  Do you want to focus on introducing new students to Scratch?  Do you want to get your students to teach others?  Do you want experienced students to learn something new?  Once you have a goal in mind, you can start planning the details.  It is better to start small your first year to make sure you aren’t overwhelmed and to gain some experience on what works well and what doesn’t.
  2. Outline the schedule. Based on your goals, determine the activities for your event.  Will it be a single class day event?  Will it be a multi-day class event?  Will it occur in the evening or weekend to have a longer event or to better target your desired participants?  What activities will participants complete?  For longer events, consider finding a guest speaker in tech to kick-off the event.  Always be sure to include time for participants to share their work with presentations to the whole group or through gallery walks.
  3. Select a date. Scratch Day is officially on Saturday, May 11, 2019.  However, Scratch Day can be any day in May that works well for you and your event.
  4. Secure a location. Make sure you have a location that is able to accommodate the number of people you plan to have attend and that supports your technology needs.  For events with your students and in your classroom, this is easy.  If you are hosting in a location that is not your own or you have strangers entering your space, we recommend getting event insurance.  Accidents happen so it is better to make sure you are protected.  Be sure to check with the location owner about requirements for event insurance.
  5. Recruit volunteers. For Scratch Day events in your class with your students, you may not need additional volunteers.  However, for events outside of the school day and those targeting a larger number of participants, you will likely want and need volunteers.  It is STRONGLY recommended that there is always another adult (or two, three, or more) in the space with you for these events. Everyone is safer this way. In addition, make sure your volunteers have explored the lessons in advance so that they can facilitate with ease like the superheroes they are.  Tips for Effective Facilitation
  6. Collect resources for the day. Determine what resources you need for your event.  Be sure to think about all the technology you need for your activities.  Also, think about any office supplies (pencils, markers, paper, etc.) and paper copies (agenda, activities, surveys, etc.) you may need.  For longer events, you should consider providing snacks if your location permits it.  Make sure you have the funding to cover all event costs and seek donations when possible.
  7. Register your event. Once you have planned out your event, it is time to get it officially registered.  Go to the Scratch Day website to register as a host and receive additional tips here:
  8. Send out advertisements and permission slips. Check the Promotion page for recommended tools to use to create advertisement material.  For Scratch Day events that target students beyond your class, consider having your students help make promotional material.  In addition, for Scratch Day events that take place outside of your regularly scheduled class time, we recommend permission slips (with photo releases) and registration.  This will help you with getting an accurate head count for planning and ensures you have permission for photos.  The Promotion page also includes recommendations for tools to use for registration.
  9. Host the event!  The time has finally arrived for your event.  Be sure to watch your time during the event and make sure everything is in place and ready to go at the start of the event.  Even if everything doesn’t go as planned, keep calm and make sure everyone is engaged and having FUN!!!
  10. Celebrate the event!  Share photos with permission on social media.  Write an article to include in school newsletters and/or local news media.  Be sure to reflect on successes and identify areas to improve for next year!