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About Scratch

What is Scratch and why should I care? Well, if you are not acquainted with Scratch, buckle-up because it is awesome. Scratch is a programming language that is accessible to students of almost all ages.  Scratch is for everyone, from your beloved granny to your seven year old mini-me. There is even Scratch Jr. for the youngest students.

Scratch was invented in 2003 by the brilliant people at MIT’s Media Lab and Lifelong Kindergarten Group.  Scratch has revolutionized the future of programming education. They took a confusing collection of commas, dashes and brackets and made programming understandable for the masses.

You may ask yourself, “Why should I bring this to my school, church, library, club or troop?”  Watch the following video to learn more about how computer science is changing the world around us.  After watching the video, consider hosting a Scratch Day Event.